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How to Select the Correct Size for Your Custom Sign

How to Select the Correct Size for Your Custom Sign

When you are looking to purchase a custom sign, the right size is key. If you choose a size that is too small, your sign may not be readable from afar; too large can make it difficult to display the sign in your favorite location.

So, what size should you select for your new sign? Great question.

The short answer is this:

providing the space you plan on hanging your sign is not an issue then go big for long names and smaller for short names.

Yep, it’s that’s simple.

Why? Mainly because the font used for most of our signs are decorative or formal script typefaces that handle all the complexities of tracking and kerning of letters.

So really the answer comes down to where you plan on displaying or hanging your sign and at what distance should it be easily readable.

Here are a few recommendations based on the type of sign you’re looking at from our custom sign product line.

Family Name Custom 3D Cedar Signs

Total # of Letters Total # of Name Chars Recommended Sign Size
3 - 12 1 - 5 Small
10 - 15 5 – 8 Medium
13 or more 8 or more Large
  •  The Total # of Letters includes the number of characters in your last name, plus the word “the”, a space between the word “the” and your name, plus the letters “s” or “es” to pluralize your last name.
  • The Total # of Name Chars is the actual number of letters in your name.

Family Name Custom Engraved Wood Signs


Total # of Name Chars Recommended Sign Size
1 – 6 Small
6 – 9 Medium
8 or more Large

Here we don’t need to worry about pluralization because we’re adding “Family” or “Cabin” and we don’t need to add the chars for the word “the” or the space. Also, since the last name is engraved at an angle, this gives more space on the sign to engrave the name.

As always, please contact us if you require a specific size for your custom sign. We will be more than happy to ensure the design fits your specifications.



Since you made it this far, below is our guide on how to pluralize your last name.

How to Pluralize Names


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