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Your Ideas

At Ideas Run Amok we put our passion and expertise on display with every personalized product. We spend the time to get the design just the way you want and never charge a design fee.

There are two main ways to add the personal touch:

our supplied design


your supplied design

Our Supplied Design

Don't let the hassle of customizing your product get in the way. With our online editor, you can customize most elements from fonts and sizes to where on each product the text is engraved!

Each product that can be personalized will have its own customization options.

All you need to do is fill out the required fields, choose the different options available, add the item to the cart, and checkout. It’s that simple.

If the options available don't meet your requirements, send us an email.

Your Supplied Design

If you would like to personalize an item with your artwork or images, please contact us for a quote.

We can engrave on various materials with a 24" x 40" working area. We have customers send us photos of their animals for engraving on ceramic tiles; wedding photos and vows to be engraved on cedar live slabs; company logos on walnut propagation stations for a new branding launch; wedding photo for etching on brass; outdoor "welcome" signs on wood with an acrylic overlay of their last name.

If we can't do the job, we'll help you find someone that can!

The Fine Print

No Copyright

We cannot (legally) personalize items with copyright material such as professional team logos, corporate logos (unless you own the company), brand slogans, quotes by famous authors, and others.


We reserve the right to decline requests that are of obscene expressions. We don’t discriminate on political ideology, religion, gender identity, or other hot-button issues. But some things cross the line morally and we wish not to contribute the incivility.